Vocal Instruction - Rebecca Parris
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Vocal Instruction

Private Study, Workshops, Seminars & Artist in Residence Positions

Rebecca Parris is available for private voice lessons, workshops and seminars, and artist in residence opportunities.

Vocal teacher and lifelong performer, Rebecca Parris’ teaching style could be described as direct, honest, funny and sincere. She inherits her natural teaching ability from a long line of creative teachers and performers who cared deeply for education and the sharing of experience. Her vast personal experience performing and directing in nearly every genre and her ability to share her gift through teaching is invaluable for students of jazz, cabaret, and pop.


Known fondly as “the singer’s shrink,” Parris shows her students how to look deep into themselves for the meaning of a lyric; to find that moment or moments when the singer owned a particular song, so that singer can call to mind mood and memory and deliver the message of the song intently and individualistically.


Parris’ respect and knowledge of music and musicians is profound. She teaches the whole song – chord changes, melody, rhythm, and improvisation. Delivery of truth is a trademark of her teaching.  A master diagnostician, Parris gets straight to the heart of the song, nurturing and nudging the individual vocalist into peak performance.


Her classes have extended themselves into corporate arena where she assists “9 to 5ers” in finding their “own voice,” and regaining their “personal power.” She is an avid “humanist.”


Contact info@rebeccaparris.com or (781) 223 – 8302 with inquiries.